[L. 93 | 100] 30 April 1964

Thank you for your letter. Just a quick note, while the postman is here, about the 'S.O.S.' There is no change in my condition whatsoever. The trouble is simply that the Colombo Thera asked me how I was, and I was imprudent enough to tell him. Anyway, he gave the letter[1] (unasked by me) to Ananda Pereira, who has sent me a scolding.

As to going to Colombo, I certainly have no intention of doing so until (i) I hear from some reliable doctor that some good might come of it, and (ii) the disturbance that my letter seems to have created has died down. I do not propose to go there simply to listen to a series of lectures (with one thrown in by the Venerable Objector on Abhidhamma for luck!).

 [93.1] the letter: One letter (labelled here L. 93a) and one undated rough draft of a letter (L. 93b) have survived.