[L. 26 | 33] 1 March 1963

Far from being sick of doctors I am more and more grateful to them as time goes by; and as for their various treatments...well, I have to confess that I am rather fond of taking medicines, which, on the whole, have never done me very much harm. It is this sick body that I am sick of, not the doctors with their unfailing kindness to me.

I have been suffering from acute elephantiasis—infestation by elephants. They come at night and wander about trumpeting in the surrounding jungle. Once one gets used to it, it is really rather pleasant, since it means one will not be disturbed by unwelcome human visitors.

P.S. After taking 'Librium' for the first time today I have experienced an unusual freedom from intestinal discomfort (with corresponding benefit to concentration). If this is its normal effect it will be a pleasure to take.