[L. 138 | 148] 22 January 1965

Two Englishmen—Robin Maugham and his friend—visited me. I rather fear that they are proposing to write me up and present me in print and picture to the British Public—let us hope not too grotesquely. I dislike this sort of thing; but also I dislike being disagreeable to people—and, besides, I am fond of talking. The British Public wants romance—and I am not a romantic figure, and have no desire to be portrayed as one. 'The World Well Lost for Love' is something the public can understand, and they can perhaps also understand 'The World Well Lost for Love of God'; but what they can not understand is 'The World Well Lost' tout court.[1]

Editorial note:

[138.1] Robin Maugham: See L. 110. [Back to text]