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[L. 1 | 1] 27 June 1959


—Ekam samayam Ñānavīro bhikkhu Būndalagāme viharati araññakutikāyam. Tena kho pana samayena Ñānavīro bhikkhu rattiyā pathamam yāmam cankamena āvaranīyehi dhammehi cittam parisodheti, yathāsutam yathāpariyattam dhammam cetasā anuvitakketi anuvicāreti manasānupekkhati. Atha kho Ñānavīrassa bhikkhuno evam yathāsutam yathāpariyattam dhammam cetasā anuvitakkayato anuvicārayato manasānupekkhato virajam vītamalam dhammacakkhum udapādi, Yam kiñci samudayadhammam sabbam tam nirodhadhammanti.
So dhammānusārī māsam hutvā ditthipatto hoti.

'Atthi Kassapa maggo atthi patipadā yathā patipanno sāmam yeva ñassati sāmam dakkhīti, Samano va Gotamo kālavādī bhūtavādī atthavādī dhammavādī vinayavādīti.'

'Ditthivisūkāni upātivatto,
Patto niyāmam patiladdhamaggo,
Uppannañāno 'mhi anaññaneyyo
Eko care khaggavisānakappo'


The editor's translation:


—At one time the monk Ñānavīra was staying in a forest hut near Bundala village. It was during that time, as he was walking up and down in the first watch of the night, that the monk Ñānavīra made his mind quite pure of constraining things, and kept thinking and pondering and reflexively observing the Dhamma as he had heard and learnt it. Then, while the monk Ñānavīra was thus engaged in thinking and pondering and reflexively observing the Dhamma as he had heard and learnt it, the clear and stainless Eye of the Dhamma arose in him: 'Whatever has the nature of arising, all that has the nature of ceasing.'
Having been a teaching-follower for a month, he became one attained to right view.[1]

There is, Kassapa, a path, there is a way by following which one will come to know and see for oneself: 'Indeed, the recluse Gotama speaks at the proper time, speaks on what is, speaks on the purpose, speaks on Dhamma, speaks on Vinaya.' [D. 8: i,165]

'I have gone beyond the writhings of view.
With the path gained I have arrived at assurance.
Knowledge has arisen in me and I am no longer to be guided by another.'
-- [Knowing this,] let him fare lonely as the unicorn! [Suttanipāta 3,21 (verse 55, page 9)]